Vivian Maier

So Vivian Maier has been big news in the last few years. One of those all too common stories about artists who aren’t recognized for their work until they are dead, or one foot in the grave.

I’m not sure why but I’ve resisted her. I wouldn’t watch the recent documentary or look up her images. My hesitancy doesn’t make any sense. She’s being compared to my great uncle Harry Callahan and she loved to take selfies. Seems like she’d be right up my alley?

However, I’m not especially drawn to street photography and I think her story sounds like it would be depressing. I mean all I know is she spent her life being a nanny.

Anyway, I’ve started shooting with my old Yashica and printing up some black and white medium format film. It has been very exciting and it got me thinking about photographer who worked with twin lens cameras. I thought first of Harry, but I’d already blogged about him. My search brought me once again to ms. maier.

Well, I’ve finally looked her up and I am committed to doing some more research and watching that documentary. Below are my favorite images that I found and a link to her website. I’ll update once I’ve learned more…