David LaChapelle

I love books, especially picture books.

One of the first photography books I bought, like a hundred years ago, was David LaChapelle’s LaChapelle Land. The book, like the art inside, is big – oversized and over the top. I was drawn in by the bright shinny colors and glossy ridiculousness of the whole thing. It’s still, all these years later, one of my favorite things.

LaChapelle started out as an editorial photographer, doing spreads in Interview magazine. As an artist LaChapelle’s look is distinct and his interests are varied. In addition to photography LaChapelle has made music videos, directed a documentary on street style dance and focused on his fine art practice. He is a prolific artist, whose concerns include sex, identity, religion, power and death.

Here are a few of some old and some new, my favorites of course…

Oh and a link to his website. Check it out...