Chema Madoz

Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, known as Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer. Madoz was born in Madrid, 1958. He studied art history at Universidad Complutense and photography at the Centro de Enseñanza de la Imagen during the 1980s. In 1985, Madoz had his first solo exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid. He has since had a collection of his images published in the book, Chema Madoz: Objetos 1990–1999 and has had his photographs exhibited worldwide.

In the 1990’s Madoz began to photograph everyday objects - manipulating and accentuating their characteristics, without digital alteration. The photographs are elegant, black and white images, shot for the most part on a medium format Hasselblad. Madoz’s background in art history makes itself apparent in his surrealist influenced imagery. He considers himself, "an objectual sculptor who works from a photographer's point of view."


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