Oscar Rejlander

Oscar Rejlander


Born in Sweden, Rejlander was a pioneering Victorian art photographer and an expert in photomontage. He studied art in Rome and eventually settled in London.

Rejlander often experimented with various photographic techniques, and is credited as possibly inventing or perfecting the technique of combination printing or photo montage.

His collaboration with Charles Darwin on The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals as assured him a position in the history of behavioral science.

He was also a friend of photographer and writer, Lewis Carroll. Rejlander created one of the best known portraits of Carroll.

But the reason I’m familiar with his work is because of his most well know image, The Two Ways of Life. The image is a photomontage analogous to work created in Photoshop today. But waaaaaay more difficult to create. Rejlander seamlessly montaged 32 images using glass plate negatives in a darkroom in about 6 weeks.